Is the training accredited –

No, our offered training has no official accreditation.

Are you cleaners insured –

Verified cleaner are encouraged to have insurance, but it is best to check with the cleaner directly.

Is this a cleaning agency –

This is not an agency service. This is just a forum to facilitate a good fit for a cleaning business that may be looking for cleaners. This has been created by cleaners for cleaners.

Clients dealing with anything urgent or deadline –

Feel free to email us info@dailygiggrind.com.au with your requirements to share with our network to see if we have a verified professional that may be able to assist!!!

Do the cleaners have police clearances –

It is recommended that they do.

Do the cleaners speak English well –

Some do and some don’t. It is recommended you speak to your chosen representative prior to meeting with them.

Do you offer training services  –

Yes, periodically we hope to organize training for cleaners to help them specialize and be able to make more money for their time as well as be a more rounded cleaning service provider.

How much is the basic training –

Basic Training is free