First we train, and then we can earn more!

With our strategic alignment in the cleaning industry, we are happy to be able to provide some free training services for both Online Freelancing and Home services work.

How it works:

  • Register your interests for upcoming training here.
  • Train and increase your expertise.
  • Join the inner circle network, increase your chances to make more $$$

Home Services Training (Cleaners)

Cleaners :

Want to make more money per hour for cleaning? Need more cleaning work? Wondering how you can get more cleaning experience? if yes to any of the questions asked then read on…

This opportunity will only be offered to a select few per quarter (as there are limited available spots).

What’s on offer:

  1. free basic training, Specialized Training with industry professionals (window cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and grout).
  2. Join our cleaning inner circle network group and stay better informed (Coming soon). Specialized training will also help you increase your skills levels on DailyGigNGrind.
  3. Add your new specialized cleaning skills to you profile and potentially charge more for your time.


There are too many to list, but as you know if you specialize, you have the opportunity to make more $$$ for your time

Limited Spots: Please note only some applications will be eligible for the training. once our quotas are filled you will need to re-apply for the free training.

Freelancer Training

Access our free Online training and work from anywhere in the world.

Have you always wanted to try your hands at running your own facebook ad agency? Is working remotely a dream? Learn how the big agencies started? Then it’s time to take action!!

To access our free online courses click here.

How it works:

  • Register for the freelancer training
  • Take the online Course
  • Sell your services right here and everywhere


  • You can access the training anywhere as long as you have an internet connection
  • Retake the courses as many times as you like and test yourself
  • More courses will be added to our libraries in the future
  • Share UDEMY’s mission, improve lives through learning, as our course provider.